Controlling Your Alcohol: When to Stop

People want to know when enough’s enough. This applies well to alcohol. When is it healthy and when is it bad for you? There is a line that separates it, but the line is not very visible. How can someone tell when they’ve crossed the line?

When is Too Much, Too Much?

Some of you may have found yourselves in a situation where you have to drink. You’re pushed into it because either it’s rude to reject, or you’re pressured by your peers. Out of respect, you drink, you talk you dance. Then they urge you, or your urge yourself. Before you know it, you’re tipsy and a minute later you’re drunk.

The key to stopping is when you feel the “buzz.” Despite alcohol having sedative properties, its initial effect is to give you a feeling similar to downing an energy drink. When you feel that telltale buzz, it’s time to stop drinking. The rest is now up to your willpower.

How Else Can I Avoid Drinking Too Much?

Apart from stopping at the buzz, there are ways you can avoid accidentally drinking too much.

  • Avoid Situations That Will Enable Your Drinking

You can’t drink if you’re not there. Simple as that. This is once again a matter of willpower over your desires. If you really can’t avoid it, then at least control yourself.

  • Alternate Drinks

Don’t drink the hard stuff on the first go. Alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. If there’s no other option, at least alternate between water and liquor. Staying hydrated is the key to avoiding a hangover.

  • Eat First

You’ll tend to drink less if your stomach is full. Eat a good share before start drinking. With a filled stomach, your body will be able to process alcohol slower and more efficiently.

  • Avoid the hard Liquor and Spirits

If you want to drink for a long period, avoid spirits and hard liquor. Stick to drinks with low alcohol content. Make sure you stop drinking as soon as you feel the buzz.

Managing You Drinking

Now that you know how to manage your drinking per session, how can you avoid turning it into a habit?


  • Address your Problems and Stresses


Alcoholism begins when you use alcohol to cope with your problems. Address these problems until you get what peace of mind you can gather. The fewer problems you have, the fewer reasons for you to drink.


  • Stop at Two Drinks a Day and Drink Only Five Times A Week


This is based on WHO’s guidelines on alcohol consumption. A “drink” is approximately 15 grams of pure alcohol, aka, a shot of rum or a can of beer. Only drink two per day and never drink for more than five days a week.

What if I’m already an Alcoholic?

Seek help. Consult your physician and inform your loved ones. There are also support groups that offer group counseling and possibly land you a sponsor for your recovery. Alcoholism has become a disease that destroys the individual, along with their families, so if you know one, or are one, find help. There’s no shame in taking the first steps to a healthier life.


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