Recovering from Drug Addiction: Drug Rehab Centers and Programs

Drug addiction affects families from all different walks of life. It requires an enormous amount of strength and courage to admit that one has a problem with drug addiction. While the prospect of full recovery can feel overwhelming, millions of people have gone through a drug rehab process and are now living successfully without abusing drugs.

Recovery from drug addiction is possible through drug rehab centers, medical help, social support and other related drug rehab programs. Once one strengthens the ability to cope with the problems of life effectively, the grip of drug addiction will lessen over time.

Drug Rehab Centers

Drug rehab centers can involve inpatient drug rehab at treatment facilities that enable one to go through intensive treatment during the daytime and a place to stay in case of emergency at night. Inpatient drug rehab typically lasts between 30 to 90 days.

Drug rehab centers can also consist of an intensive outpatient program. This type of drug rehab center involves meeting three days per week, for between two to four hours each day. It offers relapse prevention treatment programs that can be scheduled around school or work commitments.

Other Drug Rehab Facilities

Another drug rehab option is partial hospitalization. Partial hospitalization for drug rehab is primarily a relapse prevention treatment program that meets three to five days a week for four to six hours each day. It is designed for those who need medical monitoring to be performed on an outpatient basis.

Sober living facilities are also available for drug rehab. These are normally a follow-up option for those who have gone through inpatient drug rehab. Sober living facilities are helpful for people who feel that returning home will be a powerful trigger for relapse, or if a recovering drug addict does not have a home. These drug rehab facilities involve homes where recovering addicts live, support each other and maintain a drug and alcohol-free environment.

Selecting Drug Rehab Centers

When searching for drug rehab options, one will encounter many advertisements for drug rehab programs in beautiful settings with breathtaking views. While it is nice to have these kinds of surroundings, it is more important to focus on several key factors. These include:

  • staff credentials
  • appropriate program accreditation and licensing (including studies measuring the drug rehab centers’ effectiveness)
  • quality of care during the drug rehab center stay
  • aftercare drug rehab programs to prevent relapse

Paying for Drug Rehab

Drug rehab costs vary widely according to each individual’s treatment needs and present insurance coverage. It is possible to find drug rehab programs that offer reduced payment options or sliding scales.

Regardless of the drug rehab center or program one chooses, it is important to have ongoing support from as many sources of possible during the entire drug rehab process.

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