Drug Rehab Need at an All Time High

Drug rehab programs are located in almost every city in the nation. Since the number of drug rehabs, detox programs and the like exceeds 12,000, you would think the problem was handled. Instead there are between 20 to 30 million people addicted in the U.S. and only around 3 percent of these citizens receive the addiction treatment they need. Florida especially with its proximity to the Carribean, Cuba and Mexico has had a rise in Detox And Rehab Centers.
Unfortunately the demand for drug rehab programs far outweigh the supply. Detox facilities are full. Rehabs have waiting lists to get in, especially those which have federal or state funding available. Addiction affects an estimated 30 million families in the U.S. each year and the devastation that follows in the wake of this national crisis is huge. Is there a cure for addiction? Possibly, but it is a slow and arduous task. One that you have to be prepared to commit to every second of every day for the rest of your life.

Where do you go when a family member needs help? What do you do when you call the local detox center or drug rehab program and the beds are full and the waiting list is long? Millions of Americans know all too well this scenario of needing to locate a facility today only to be told that the bed won’t be available for 3 months.

A challenged and dedicated service, drug rehab, has been locating this badly needed help for just such clients for years. They seemingly work around the clock to help connect those in need with the drug or alcohol rehab program that fits their particular situation.

In this time of financial crisis and overwhelmingly increasing demand for social programs, it sure helps to know there are individuals and groups dedicated to helping those suffering from addiction with real solutions.

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