How to Avoid Twitter Addiction

If you haven’t heard of Twitter, you’re in for a treat. Some people find that when they start using Twitter, it can end up being very time consuming and a huge distraction. There are ways to use Twitter as a great communication tool, without getting obsessed with Twitter. Use these handy steps to help you use Twitter effectively without stress or eating up all of your time.

Follow Who You Know on Twitter

Be selective on Twitter who you choose to follow or get updates from. Rather than just duplicating the friend’s list with hundreds of friends. Just pick and choose the person’s on the list that you recognize or personally know.

Don’t Add All Twitter Followers

Don’t feel obligated to add everyone on Twitter that chooses to follow you. This isn’t necessary. Some people will flood your Twitter updates with all of their personal updates.

Check Their Twitter History

Look at a person’s history on Twitter and select who you add as friends based on that.

Don’t Spend Hours Reading Twitter Messages

Remember that Twitter is an at the moment communication tool. Resist the urge to try and read all the last messages from the past hour, or even two hours. Focus on what is happening right now, instead of going back in time.

Keep Twitter List Short

Clean up your list of people you follow if it starts to get too large. You’ll be more effective on Twitter if you don’t have a list that has thousands of people that you are following.

Twitter is a great tool to use to let friends and family know what you are up to in your daily life, but it can soon turn into an addiction if you spend all day following people you do not know.

Do your important tasks throughout the day and use Twitter as a way to reward yourself when you take a break. Also try to remember that you can log onto Twitter once or twice a day to let people know about important parts of your daily life, but don’t waste hours telling them what you had breakfast.

If things get out of control, consider quitting Twitter altogether and you will have more time to do other things in your life. Take a break by curling up with a good book, playing a game, or visiting one of your other social networking websites. Twitter does not have to rule your life. If you don’t take control as soon as possible, Twitter can become a problem in both your work and personal life. Keep track of your time spent on Twitter, and cut back so that you do not spend valuable work and family time online.

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